Startup launch program on Bytedex

Bytedex offers you to start entering crypto business with our ultimate Startup Launch Program

As your advising partner, our Team will use all of the gained experience to help you with the development of the project

Take the smart way to develop your project. Let's get started now!

Our Team will work with your project in 4 directions

  • Social Media setup
  • Filling information about the project
  • Fundraising stage
  • Trial for key Bytedex services
  • Constant assistance of Business Development Team
  • Integration into Bytedex Platform
  • Internal Bytedex promo
  • Promo for external crypto Community AMA session
  • Retrospective analysis

Stages of Startup Launch Program on Bytedex exchange

All steps are thoroughly planned and logically follow one another for an effective start and development of your project

Social Media setup and fulfillment

İnstagram 2

External promotion in Social Media

  • Email marketing campaign to crypto enthusiasts/ investors
  • Private messaging to crypto enthusiasts/ investors in Telegram and WhatsApp
  • Advertising posts in Reddit, Twitter, Telegram crypto accounts
  • Inviting users to Telegram group, Facebook, Twitter


  • Interaction with Bytedex Community in live chat
  • Getting first engaged users for your project

Internal Bytedex

  • Announcements in official Bytedex Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, 2 Telegram channels
  • Announcements on the exchange website
  • Email marketing campaign for registered Bytedex users


  • You have a chance to launch token sale during the Launchpad stage where your initial Community may get your tokens/ coins before listing

Integration into Bytedex Platform

  • Our Team works with most of the existing blockchain technologies
  • ERC-20, TRON, EOS, EDC, NEO, NEM, BNB, XLM, WAWES may be listed less than 3 days
  • Any custom blockchain is topic for discussion

Trial for key Bytedex services

  • Choose trial version for key services to check their efficiency for your project :
    • ultimate referral conditions
    • referral game
    • banner’s design
    • trial liquidity services

Retrospective analysis

  • Evaluation of results is key to understand correctness of the chosen path
  • Business Development Manager will help you to correctly evaluate the achieved result and advise you with further steps

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